Thursday, August 22, 2013

70D First Impressions....

Ive managed to get hands on with the new Canon EOS 70D. Ive only had a chance to get a precursory series of tests done with it, but initial feeling is that it is a good step up from the venerable 60D.

Focusing is blazing quick with the STM lens and I'm sure all the good USM lenses will perform in much the same manor. The new live view works a treat and is now a really effective way of focusing and not an afterthought which is how Canon's live view focusing has felt until now.

Raw files look great. I'm my view the 18meg sensor that has been thrashed to death by Canon has had inherently average colour and snap to the files, no matter how you process them. Early files from the new 20 meg sensor look great with lots more 'pop' and a nice rendering. This may be helped by the new Digic processor also..

More to come....

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