Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sony NEX Full Frame A7 and A7r released...

Probably not one of the greatest secrets in recent times but Sony has officially announced the new NEX A7 & A7r full frame mirrorless models. My main interest is how the A7r with Carl Zeiss 35mm 2.8 stacks up against the Sony RX1r. I'm not looking for another complete system but a small, powerful, take everywhere camera.

Ive been using the RX1r extensively over the last couple of months and absolutely love adore its files. Ive had 30x20 inch prints made which are as good and probably better then ANY camera currently on the market.The thing that immediately appeals with the new A7r is the potential for further growth and the built in viewfinder. Immediate downsides are the shutter noise and the loss of the f2 aperture that Ive grown to love. Also the RX1 lens is a proven performer and its still a matter of 'wait and see' on the new FE lenses.

Time will tell, but we hope to have a sample fairly soon so not long to be put out of my misery! :-)

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