Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brief Comments Re Canon Lenses on Sony A7r

So I bought a chinese adaptor off Ebay for running some Canon glass on the front of the Sony A7r.

Before I give a synopsis of the lenses I listed previously I will say that, with any of the lenses that interest me more from the list i will post some examples and RAWS in the near future. if you have any specific requests leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

Canon 24-70mm II 2.8 - Very good. Better then the E mount 24-70 f4 but obviously with the associated drawbacks (namely weight and size). Better corners and edges. Maybe not quite as good on the colour but PP fixes that easily.

Zeiss ZE 21mm 2.8 - Awesome. I love this lens and its even better on 36 megapixel. Love it

Zeiss ZE 100mm 2.0 - Awesome. This lens speaks for itself and holds up as expected on this camera

Canon 17-40mm f4 - Disappointing. Leats face it, its not Canons finest hour and it gets pulled apart even more on this sensor. Only the very very centre is great and gets progressively worse as you move off centre very quickly! Corners are rubbish.

Contax 35-70mm f3.4 - Very very good. Again I love this lens and the quality of its drawing. Holds up very well. For example @ 35mm it beats the E mount 35mm Zeiss. Beats the 24-70 Zeiss generally, although the later has beeter coatings/colour but again this can be rectified in PP.

 Canon 24mm II TSE - Awesome++ - Doesnt get any better for corner to corner sharpness. Shows what Canons newer glass technology is capable of. Biting sharpness.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A7r + Canon & Zeiss lenses

Ive got my hands on a Canon EF to Sony E adaptor. Im planning on trying the following lenses on it to see how they stand up-

Canon 24-70mm II 2.8
Zeiss ZE 21mm 2.8
Zeiss ZE 100mm 2.0
Canon 17-40mm 4.0
Contax 35-70mm 3.4
Canon 24mm II TSE

Ive already had a preliminary trial with most of these and results are very interesting indeed... More to come over the next few days...

Friday, February 14, 2014

A7r + FE 24-70mm Lens From A Landscape Perspective

Ive got in my hands one of the new Sony Zeiss FE 24-70mm F4 lenses for testing.

The lens is satisfactory in its build so no complaints there. Focusing seems pretty quick etc etc. The major test for me is the picture quality stopped down as far as principally landscape photography goes.

Tests I have read online suggest its pretty weak in the corners ar 24mm even stopped down so I was keen to experiment with this focal length as well as 35mm and 50mm. These being my main focal lengths of interest.

@24mm it is somewhat mushy in the extreme corners and less then optimal at the edges. I printed some large prints which I would typically print for exhibition use ( 20 x 30 inches ) which the A7r handles easily. Sadly at this size the falloff at 24mm is rather obvious. Centre is very sharp, no issues there.

@35mm things improve a little but there is still some falloff but the centre image is extremely sharp. Ive done some comparison with my rather old Contax 35-70mm which is stunning but I will follow up in another post on this.

@50mm the image is comparatively much better. The edges have improved a lot and the centre is cracking sharp.

Colour and contrast is very nice and that Zeiss look is definitely there on certain images.

Links below are for A7r RAW files. One is @24mm and the other is @50mm. Ive shot both at F13 which I believe doesnt exploit any diffraction too much but is where I may shoot to maximize DOF. And improve the image across the frame....

The shots are nothing artistic but just to get detail across the frame.

Please respect the bandwidth as its only a free dropbox account.... Leave your thoughts below!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hands on with 24-70 FE lens

Im about to have a 24-70 f4 FE lens to try over the next 24 hours. There is already some hands on and mini tests out there on the web for some initial findings.

Sadly it looks to be a bit on the weak side at 24mm and ok throughout the rest of the range. I cant wait to test it myself on a A7r to put it through its paces and see if it does hold up for landscape photography.

Ive been trying my Contax 35-70 3.4 lens on the A7r via adaptor and its been superb. I wonder how the Zeiss will stack up?

As always I will upload some RAW files for you to download and try for yourself...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fuji X-T1 Initial Impressions

Today I got to have a hands-on with the new Fuji X-T1 professional mirrorless.

First impression was WOW... very very nice to hold. The rubber is really grippy and moulded perfectly for my hands. As per the photos, the dials and buttons seem to have quite a bit of thought put into them regarding the layout. Everything just seems to fall into place beautifully.

I used the 23mm 1.4 lens today. The autofocus is quick and positive. I struck no issues regarding this in cloudy daylight. I had no chance to try it in low light conditions which Im looking forward to trying at a later date.

Viewfinder, after all the hype regarding this I was expecting something really special. Alas, for me, no. Its definitely very good and it is large but its still nowhere near optical as some have inferred.

Files seem to be the best Ive seen out of the Fuji system yet. Ive never been a major fan of the way the X-Trans sensor draws but it seems to be different in this camera. It doesnt seem to have the "thatch work" pixel level drawing that X100s etc have. I would have thought it was the same sensor so theres something different at play here.

Until I get further time with the camera I will leave you with some full size files to look over. Nothing special but give you a chance to see the output. Linked are a couple of RAWS which as yet arent widely supported by ACR or even DNG. Mac users can use a demo of Irident Raw Developer. Hence Ive also included a couple of full sized jpegs....