Friday, February 14, 2014

A7r + FE 24-70mm Lens From A Landscape Perspective

Ive got in my hands one of the new Sony Zeiss FE 24-70mm F4 lenses for testing.

The lens is satisfactory in its build so no complaints there. Focusing seems pretty quick etc etc. The major test for me is the picture quality stopped down as far as principally landscape photography goes.

Tests I have read online suggest its pretty weak in the corners ar 24mm even stopped down so I was keen to experiment with this focal length as well as 35mm and 50mm. These being my main focal lengths of interest.

@24mm it is somewhat mushy in the extreme corners and less then optimal at the edges. I printed some large prints which I would typically print for exhibition use ( 20 x 30 inches ) which the A7r handles easily. Sadly at this size the falloff at 24mm is rather obvious. Centre is very sharp, no issues there.

@35mm things improve a little but there is still some falloff but the centre image is extremely sharp. Ive done some comparison with my rather old Contax 35-70mm which is stunning but I will follow up in another post on this.

@50mm the image is comparatively much better. The edges have improved a lot and the centre is cracking sharp.

Colour and contrast is very nice and that Zeiss look is definitely there on certain images.

Links below are for A7r RAW files. One is @24mm and the other is @50mm. Ive shot both at F13 which I believe doesnt exploit any diffraction too much but is where I may shoot to maximize DOF. And improve the image across the frame....

The shots are nothing artistic but just to get detail across the frame.

Please respect the bandwidth as its only a free dropbox account.... Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. I find this lens to be quite good, even in the corners, from 28 - 60. Test 28....