Monday, November 17, 2014

Sony FE 16-35mm F4 Testing

Im finally getting round to getting some initial tests going for the FE 16-35mm lens from Sony on the A7r. If Canon doesnt start pulling their finger out in their sensor development then this combo will be something I will be seriously looking at early next year. Undoubtedly there will be a new A7r or similar by then. #pleasenomoreshuttershake !

So Ive posted a couple of Raws for you to check out. A side by side between the recent Canon 16-35mm F4 and the new Sony Zeiss. Ive found the Canon lens to be a reasonably good performer so I was interested to see if I could actually survive with an adapted Canon lens or not.

In summary from my findings... The Sony FE is supremely good in the central portion of the frame. Has quite a good 3D look to it with good separation of the foliage compared to the Canon. Its definitely sharper in this part of the frame too with outstanding local contrast.

Canon on the other hand is better in the corners and edges with a touch less CA. Although they are both fairly good in this respect. Im going to print a portion fairly large and see how the 'look' translates in a large print.

I shot at F9 and Im reluctant to stop down anymore as @16mm it should add much to the depth and will start to diffract, but I will try some shots to see if it helps the corners.

Heres the RAW test files..