Monday, December 29, 2014

The Arrogance of Ebay

Time for a rant...

After many years of service I will no longer sell anything on Ebay. The pure and outright price gouging that this company along with its subsidiary of Paypal is doing to its loyal customers is outrageous.

Not only are the fees now over double what they were a year or two ago but they are determined to take a slice of every part of the transaction along the way. Ive just sold something on Ebay and they took @ 10% of the sale (seriously??!) . Now on a reasonably priced item that is just way too big of a dollar value for a listing.

They now also take final fees on your shipping!! WHAT?! I set the actual shipping price on the listing to reflect the accurate shipping cost and they want to tax me on that? I mean your really scraping the bottom of the barrel there.

They then wish to 'hold' my money for 3 weeks even when all appropriate checks have been done with the buyer. I also have well over 100 unique feedbacks with 100% rating.  This is a ploy to gain interest on my money, and then to add insult to this when I transfer my money they give me a rubbish conversion rate!

The irony is they want their EBAY fees paid by the end of the month but they wont give me the sale money to pay them! So for the best part of a month Im having to shell out money...

In a time when there are actually other choices to sell your items I dearly hope others, like myself, leave these thieves behind and move on to these alternatives... forums, buy/sell boards etc. Geez Ive even sold plenty lately in Facebook groups!


Rant over....


  1. ebay are arrogant scum

  2. You're not alone in the 'rant' you have written....
    I too have told them to go pound sand with their gouging fees!