Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sony FE 28mm F2.0 Musings....

Ive had one of the new FE 28mm lens in my hot little hand for a quick test. Its not the lens Im excitingly waiting for but its nice to see how it performs nonetheless. First impressions are very good! Small, lightweight and sharp. As a raw shooter the only significant 'issue' currently is there is no profile for the distortion which it does suffer a bit from.

Attached is raw file download for you to have a quick look.... Tripod mounted on A7r at F11 with detail in the corners... See what you think....

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Canon EF 11-24mm F4 L Lens Samples

Ive got the hotly awaited 11-24mm in my hot little hands. Wow is it big and solid! Its a beautifully made lens and initial shots show it to be stunning optically... It gives the Nikon 14-24mm a whipping but after this many years you would expect that. And of course its F4 but I'd need a porter if it was 2.8!

Here's a couple of RAW files for you to check out. Harsh midday lighting but just a quick test to see what the edge to edge sharpness is like... Its a free Dropbox account so use links with respect :-)