Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sony A7r Mark II Hands On

Firstly, Thanks to Sony NZ for a hands on with a production model. I had the chance to spend about an hour with the camera today so thought I would blog some very brief thoughts as my time is limited tonight.

Viewfinder – Terrific, much bigger then the previous versions and really enjoyable in use.
Shutter –  MUCH better, really well dampened and silent shutter is precisely that, no sound at all, nada. Yay!
Feel – as you would expect if your a A7II user. Although this camera does feel a little more nuggety due to its more metal construction. I like it.
Focus – is everything its previewed it would be. With native lenses it is swift, broad and (as far as I can tell initially) accurate.
Adapted lenses – Wow! Incredible! Using Canon EF lenses with the Metabones III the focus was just like a native Canon camera. Very fast and torquey. No backwards and forwards like previous models. I also used the Commlite adaptor which wasnt nearly as quick sadly. Still fairly good and highly usable but not in the same league as the Metabones thusfar.
Dynamic Range - Seems as good as the previous A7r. When digging out deep shadows there is a virtual complete absence of noise coming through. Looks to be a further improvement in this area.

From what I have seen so far I would be very excited about this new camera if you are in the market!!

As you may know, I had linked a RAW file in last week but unfortunately unbeknown to me, downloaded imagery is still on embargo. From early August I will upload some new RAWS for your viewing pleasure.. :-)


  1. How are the effects of the 11+7 lossy RAW? posterization and gradation?

  2. I have never had any real problems in this department. With the new uncompressed format I notice a better colour when bringing up heavy shadows but that has been the limit of it for me. In most cases I will stick with compressed.